Immune system modulator treatment by Dr. Ernesto J. V. Crescenti
This combination increases immune innate response through NK (natural killer) cells and immune cell response mediated by T lymphocytes, in addition to the production of cytokines, mainly interferon gamma (IFNg) and interleukin-6 (IL6). This translates into a recovery of the immune system in those pathologies in which it has been affected and it also regulates functionality in those autoimmune type diseases where a disorder in the immune response is responsible for the condition.
Boosts and protects
We demonstrate experimentally that it boosts the effect of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, protecting normal tissues and theorganism of undesirable side effects and in this manner functioning as an excellent complementary therapy of conventional treatments.
Modulates antioxidant activity
The treatment has demonstrated to have a great capacity to modulate antioxidant activity of the cells and tissues. Notably in malign cells, it increases the production of free radicals favoring cell damage and the entrance into apoptosis.
Modulates gene expression pattern
We can mention among other verified responses that it inhibits the angiogenesis induced by tumours, induces apoptosis and restores the functionality of the signal transduction pathways that lead to differentiation, diminishing the proliferative capacity of the malign cells. These effects are the result of a direct action of the formulation over the tumoral tissue and its surrounding normal tissue.
This effect was demonstrated in experimental models of breast and colon cancer, and is mainly supported by the capacity to increase the antioxidant activity and in the increase of innate immunity or NK activity in healthy individuals. The addition of these effects produces a remarkable increase in survival and in quality of life of cancer patients, being able to achieve in some cases the complete remission of the disease.
All of these effects produce a significant increase in survival and quality of life of cancer patients and immunological. Sometimes achieving complete remission of the disease.

Dr. Crescenti´s Institute is an area devoted to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients and patients diagnosed with diseases in which the immune system alterations.

Some of hte diseases we treat:

Breast cancer / Colorectal cancer / Lung cancer/ Prostate cancer / Pancreatic cancer / Stomach cancer / Skin cancer / Uterine cancer / Ovarian cancer / Brain tumor / Rheumatoid arthritis / Scleroderma / Multiple Sclerosis / Fibromyalgia / HPV / Lupus / Leukemia / Melanoma / Lymphoma / Sarcoma / Raynaud´s syndrome / Nephrotic syndrome and many more related to cancer and immune system.

With over 400,000 patients treated in our institute and over 25 years of research, we can say that the immunomodulatory treatment of Dr. Ernesto J. V. Crescenti ® is the closest to the ideal treatment for these diseases, which acts on the tumor stage and the immune system.

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