The Crescenti Institute is a private medical center dedicated to the care, diagnosis and treatment of patients with autoimmune and oncological diseases.

Based on the evolution of more than 500,000 patients with different pathologies treated in Argentina and on results obtained during more than 30 years of research, we can affirm that the Crescenti Antioxidant Complex is the ideal treatment for those pathologies where the immune system is involved.

The objective of this treatment is to increase in survival and improve the quality of life of the patients who perform it.

We currently offer face-to-face consultations at all our locations and video consultations for patients around the world
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Trace elements characteristics

Several years ago, trace elements such as zinc (Zn), selenium (Se) and manganese (Mn), present in the Crescenti Antioxidant Complex, have been reported as essential for the health of the body.



Zinc is an important trace mineral that people need to stay healthy.

It is well known that it is an essential trace element in cellular metabolism, important in protein synthesis and...



Manganese is a mineral found in various foods including nuts, legumes, seeds, tea, whole grains, and green leafy vegetables.

It is considered an essential nutrient, because it is required...



Selenium is essential as an antioxidant and as an immunomodulator.

It is an essential trace mineral that the body has to obtain to produce special proteins, called antioxidant enzymes...

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